After my advice on the combination "oysters - Vodka Zubrowka"!

This time, I advise you to use an antidote that is ideal for the moment to accompany the fruit of the angels:

The gin!

Which goes much better than Chardonnay with seafood iodine. To accompany oysters, we drink white wine: this is a dogma that has long been believed to be inescapable.

Yes, dry whites go very well with seafood iodine. But that's not the only possible pairing, on the contrary.

And it is an oyster farmer who says it: "Spirits offer much more appropriate aromatic palettes. They flavor them, without disguising them.

And play the real flavor enhancers ”.

For my part, I appreciate plain oysters, just enhanced with a turn of a pepper mill. Most often, I savor them with a gin for its freshness or an aged whiskey for its oxidative notes. "You can also put a drop of spirits, be it a gin, a mezcal or a whiskey, directly in the oyster instead of the lemon. "