"The oyster leads a terrible, but thrilling life."

"When you think about it, her chances of living are very slim, and if she escapes the traits of her own outrageous fortune, and manages to find during the two weeks of her carefree youth a clean and smooth place to rest. fix, the years that follow are full of tensions, passions and dangers. "

With humor, with grace, with wisdom, MF K Fisher brings this mysterious being to life and repairs the ingratitude of gourmets by composing a delicious gallery of anecdotes and recipes in which the oyster is the heroine. Oyster bread, oyster bisque, baked or grilled oysters, oyster cocktail, the table is set for the pure sensual happiness of celebrating this viscous and elegant creature whose nutritional and aphrodisiac properties are not neglected.

And then, by putting a lot of care and patience, that is to say a lot of love, the gourmet will perhaps have the chance to see a pearl born in his oyster.

by Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher

Publisher: DU ROCHER

ISBN: 978-2-2-680-4429-3

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