Finistère: an "enormous" oyster weighing 2.2 kilos discovered by an oyster farmer.

A big surprise was found on Saturday October 24, 2020 at the Alain Morvan oyster farm in Carantec.

His son found an oyster weighing 2,200 kg, 22 cm long and 14 cm wide.

Towards a world record?

The son of Alain Morvan, oyster farmer in Carantec, made an incredible discovery during the last high tide.

He sees a tip of an oyster sticking out in the mud, which intrigues him a lot.

Taking it out, he discovers that it is very heavy.

After weighing, the father and son are in shock: the oyster weighs 2.2 kilos.

His measurements are exceptional: 22 centimeters long, 14 wide and 11 thick.

The mollusk is over 20 years old.

Now Alain Morvan would like to be able to bring him to the laboratory to create a sire line. It can be resistant to certain viruses, to certain environments, since it has withstood everything that has happened for 20 years.

It can be interesting to create a new line or to cross it with other specimens.