(x2) Live Lobster - approx. 2x 500g


(x2) Live Lobster - approx. 2x 500g


Lobster (Homarus gammarus) is a crustacean decapods of blue green color with spots on the top and a pinkish white belly. It is provided with 2 strong clamps. The larger one is called "crusher" and the other, serrated, is called "cutting". it is a nocturnal animal that lives up to 50m deep on uneven soils. Omnivorous, the lobster preferably captures live prey.

Breton lobster (Homarus gammarus) is the most sought after by gourmets. The quality of its flesh and its unique flavor make it an exceptional dish! Buying Breton lobster is therefore being sure to consume a prestigious product with an exceptional taste, but also 100% natural and low in calories.

Since 1998, the minimum fishing size is 87 mm (cephalothorax length), which corresponds to an animal of about 5 years. Professionals do not yet master lobster farming, which is why it takes so long to get a commercial size lobster.


After reception, the lobster should be cooked as quickly as possible. Immerse the Breton lobsters as they are, without rinsing, in salted boiling water and let them cook for 20 minutes. Don't be surprised, a red and no longer blue lobster will come out of your water. For amateurs, it is also possible to grill it on the barbecue or in the oven or to prepare it Armorican style!

The lean and tasty lobster meat is then eaten hot or cold, accompanied by garlic butter, lemon, mayonnaise or a cider or wine sauce. Its shell can also be used to flavor soups, stews and sauces.

Nutritional values (100g):

  • Calories: 96 Kcal
  • Fat: 1.3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 1 g
  • Protein: 19.5 g
  • Shipping terms:

    Packed alive in fresh seaweed.

    Fishing zone: Fished in the North-East Atlantic FAO27-9
    Fishing method: trap

    Available for delivery in Portugal and Spain, Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday. < / strong>

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