Oysters and Champagne

Oysters and Champagne: the perfect marriage finally explained by science.

Now researchers at the Department of Food Sciences at the University of Copenhagen have discovered flavors in a range of champagnes and a variety of oysters.

For the first time ever, they scientifically explain why these two foods complement each other so well. The answer lies in umami taste, which, along with sweet and salty, is one of the five basic flavors detectable by our taste buds.

A somewhat surprising finding given that umami is usually associated with meat. "Now we have discovered that umami is also found in oysters and champagne," says Professor Ole Mouritsen of the Department of food sciences from UCPH.

“Champagne and oysters create a synergistic effect that improves the taste of champagne,” says lead author of the study, Charlotte Vinther Schmidt, adding that “acidity and bubbles also contribute to the beautiful effect general "