Rockefeller oysters?

An iconic recipe from New Orleans, Louisiana cuisine.

Oysters garnished with sautéed spinach and bacon, Parmesan and breadcrumbs, then au gratin in the oven for a delicious result, chic and refined.

Rockefeller oysters are the creation of Jules Alciatore, owner of Antoine's restaurant in New Orleans.

Due to a shortage of snails, a dish very popular with gourmets frequenting the restaurant, Jules Alciatore would have had the idea of replacing them with oysters.

The recipe for Rockefeller oysters is therefore very directly inspired by the French recipe for snails with parsley butter.

The name “Rockefeller” comes from John D. Rockefeller nicknamed the richest American of his time.

Legend has it that John D. Rockefeller, while in town, tasted and loved Antoine's oysters.

The recipe would have taken his name. of a spinach béchamel, evoking the colors of the American dollar.

A customer would have exclaimed: “They are rich like Rockefeller! "