In their natural environment, oysters live to the rhythm of the tides and sometimes spend up to 12 hours a day out of the water.

They are therefore used to living without water, in a hostile and unrefrigerated environment.

They have thus learned to keep a reserve of water in their shell and patiently wait for the next rising tide.

As a result, oysters are very resistant to transport, provided they meet the following two criteria:

- Oysters must not lose their water reserve. Because without their precious water reserve, oysters cannot live very long.

- Oysters should not be subjected to thermal shock. You must therefore avoid any sudden change in temperature, whether hot or cold.


Your oysters are delivered less than 24 hours after leaving the water.

So when you place an order on , we take your oysters out of the water, prepare your basket and ship it the same day.

There is no intermediary and therefore no unnecessary storage outside the water!


Once out of the water, your oysters are meticulously placed in a wooden basket, flat and on top of each other so that they cannot open.

Once the basket is closed, it is circled. This step is essential so that your oysters can conserve their water. You have surely seen it for yourself, the temperature of the ocean is rarely the same as that of your refrigerator. Oysters can live with a large temperature range.

On the other hand, oysters fear thermal shocks. Refrigerating them for transport or storage can therefore sometimes be more harmful than beneficial. We advise you to store them in a cool place in their basket, tidy and flat, in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator, they will keep easily 9 days after reception.


We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday. Once your order has been prepared, it is entrusted to our partner Nacex who will deliver your package to you on the date you indicated.

So do not hesitate to have it delivered to your workplace if it suits you!

Did you know? The ideal time to consume oysters is 3 days after they come out of the water, or 2 days after delivery.