Our oyster supplier: Aquanostra

Aquanostra is a Portuguese oyster production company in Sado and Algarve, whose main activities are the production of oysters and the resale of seafood.

It is at the maternity ward that everything begins, and it is at this stage that the juveniles of the 2 main species of oysters produced and consumed in Portugal are produced: the flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) and the Japanese oyster (Crassostrea gigas). The juveniles that we produce are then disposed of in different ways, part of which is distributed by national and international producers and the other is sent to our growth and fattening unit, located in the Sado estuary.

It is here that, extensively, and in rich and fertile waters, their oysters grow vigorously with several species of fish in a harmonious integrated multi-trophic farming system (IMTA). Their whole project is based on two essential pillars: quality and innovation, which allows them to better understand the dynamics of oysters and the habitat in which they are inserted, and thus to be able to constantly innovate and guarantee the excellence of their product.

They use the safest quality and safety control methods, ensuring that all seeds produced are free from pathologies. By working only with the best quality breeders and using protocols and production methods developed in their own R&D projects, we have been successful in obtaining quality seeds and successfully breeding oyster species.

Their production site is known for its high biological productivity and enormous ecological value, which, combined with an advanced remote monitoring system, allows them to have extensive and organic production, divided into 10 cultivation tanks.

This is why VeryOyster has chosen to distribute these oysters, the best oysters in Portugal.