Can you really find a pearl by tasting an oyster?

Oysters have a reputation for holding treasures.

Who has never hoped to hit the jackpot by opening an oyster?

In fact, the creation of the pearl begins … By a single grain of sand! When a foreign body enters the shell of the oyster, it makes mother-of-pearl around it to protect itself. “It can be a small pebble or a grain of sand.”

The process of creating a pearl thus begins with what the oyster compares to an irritation that it will try to stop by immersing it. intruder in mother-of-pearl. In pearl oyster farms, we deliberately put a foreign body in the oyster so that it makes this famous pearl.

These pearls are worth nothing ... The discovery of this tiny pearl of mother of pearl, however very rare in edible oysters, worth absolutely nothing. Too small, not perfectly round ... Edible oysters do not have the same properties as pearl oysters and the pearls they can make are not of the same quality.

But if you are ever the lucky one chosen by the pearl, do not hesitate to share your discovery with your oyster farmer, he will be more than happy!