Iodized souvenir in the bay of Setúbal

A taste experience to live: taste a locally produced Portuguese oyster, the famous Setúbal Special.

There are flavors that we will not forget ...

The first time I ate an oyster in Portugal.

The renowned oyster farmer Célia Rodrigues hands me an open oyster, once seized, I observe it, the shell nicely pearly, the flesh is pastel, almost silvery.

It gives off a scent of spray, salt.

Even today, when you open one far from the seaside, you only need to close your eyes to be transported to the coast.

A tasteful postcard.

The taste, precisely. Iodine. Fresh.

Quickly swallowed.

If the sea has one flavor, this is it.

Light nutty palate.

Lemon? Vinegar sauce?

I love it by nature.

Proust has his madeleine and I ... I have the oyster from the Bay of Setúbal.