One day, I became interested in oysters from Portugal.

One day, I got interested in oysters from Portugal.

Why that day? I do not know. Life, envy!

I devoured blog posts and books on oyster farming. Then I wanted to taste lots of different oysters.

Finding oysters is complicated. I found that finding oysters outside of Christmas time was not easy, that the choice was limited and that the information given was unsatisfactory. It is difficult to know how the oysters were raised, the place of birth (sea or hatchery), if they are diploid or triploid, etc.

Parallel between wine and oysters. Like any self-respecting bon vivant, I regularly participated in wine tasting evenings. I was discovering new wines and I was always learning more about viticulture and oenology.

Very quickly, I made connections between tasting a wine and tasting an oyster. After all, an oyster is the expression of a land and the work of a man or a woman. Years are not the same: if it is dry, oysters tend to be very salty; if it rains a lot, they will be milder. There are different names, different qualities and different prices. They have different colors, different shapes, different smells, different textures. The world of oysters is a very rich world, tastefully speaking!

How can you afford some good special oysters from Portugal? Simply log on to our website and make your purchase online. Once the payment is accepted, the oyster farmer receives an alert.

The next day he prepares the basket and gives it to our transporter. You are then delivered in less than 24 hours in a refrigerated truck.

We guarantee:

- Ultra fresh oysters: they come out of the water the day the carrier is picked up and you are delivered the next day before 1 p.m.

- Safe transport: refrigerated delivery allowing oysters to travel cool (between 0 and 5 ° C).

- Quality oysters: we select passionate oyster farmers who like a job well done.

For them, their oysters are like their babies!

So they pamper them.